Race Fuels & Products

Got Gas?  Maxwell Oil has been supplying the greater Tulsa area with top-quality race fuels for 33 years!

In 1990, Maxwell Oil was the only Tulsa oil company to feature Sunoco Race Fuels.  For this reason, we have race customers who have trusted Maxwell Oil in supplying their race fuels for years!  Many have since retired but now their kids and grandkids are racing and because of the trust that we have built throughout the years, we’ve seen a new wave of second and third generations of racers.

Maxwell Oil thanks our loyal customers and we are honored to serve you by continuing to provide you with the best possible race fuels and products.  We are Tulsa’s ultimate supplier for race gas!

Whether you go dirt track racing, boat racing, drag racing, or any other kind of motorized racing, we have your race fuel!

Call 918-585-8704 or contact us for more information!


  • Methanol
  • E-85 Race Gas (True Race Gas)
  • Ethanol 98%
  • Maxwell 100 Octane Race Gas (10:1 Compression)
  • Sunoco Standard (Purple) 110 Octane
  • Sunoco Supreme (Blue) 112 Octane
  • Sunoco Maximal (Red) 116 Octane
  • Sunoco HCR (Late Model)


  • Brad Penn Brake-in Oil
  • Brad Penn Racing Oils (The Green Oil)
  • Brad Penn Multi-Purpose 80W90
  • Brad Penn Partial Synthetic 80W140
  • Brad Penn Engine Assembly Lube
  • Brad Penn Nitro 70


  • Upper Cylinder Lubes
  • Fuel Fragrances
  • Funnel, Plastic Anti-Splash
  • Red Top Fuel Pump
  • Fuel Jugs
  • Torco Methanol Enhancer
  • Torco Accelerator (Unleaded)
  • Wix Filters